Tips for Couples on Thriving in Uncertain Times

Committing to a long-term relationship with your partner means promising to stay by their side through uncertain times. It can be tempting to walk out the door when things get hard, but if you can resist the urge to give up, you can walk through the storm together and become a truly resilient couple.

Maybe your partner is supporting you through a difficult time at work, maybe you’re trying to help your partner process a loss, or maybe you’re just finding general dissatisfaction with your life now that restrictions are lifting. Counselor and life coach Shasta Hickman has gathered some illuminating resources that will help you embrace your “new normal” as a couple and learn to thrive again.

Smooth Communication

When one or the other of you is struggling with something, it’s important to remember that both of you share problems, just like you share joys. Make sure you know how to talk things through so that you can have that type of bond when times get tough.

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Be Practical and Proactive About Work

Did the pandemic throw your work life a curveball? Changes in your job, whether in how you carry out your daily obligations or in where you work and what you do altogether, influence how you feel about yourself — which invariably affects your relationships. Make sure you’re in a good place personally and professionally with these solutions for your working life.

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Strengthen Your Bond

Working on your relationship is never a wrong answer, but it doesn’t always need to be hard work. Sometimes little things you can do will deepen your insights, feelings and understanding in significant ways.

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Self-Care – Solo and Together

Taking care of yourself is the key to having positive energy and mental toughness to get through difficulties, both as an individual and as a couple. Tend to your wellness, both together and apart.

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Every couple will face obstacles in their relationship. Sometimes, life will take you to unexpected places as a couple, but these useful guides will help you maintain a positive mindset while getting used to your “new normal” together.

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