Understanding Separation Anxiety Disorder

Separation anxiety disorder causes a person to worry excessively about being separated from someone who’s close to them. For example, someone with this type of anxiety may worry about being separated from a parent or caregiver.

This anxiety disorder most commonly affects children. While it’s normal for infants and toddlers to experience separation anxiety, they usually outgrow the issue once they turn 3 years old—if a child continues experiencing separation anxiety after reaching that age, there’s a chance they may have separation anxiety disorder, especially if their worries are intense enough to interfere with routine activities. It’s also important to note that although most cases of separation anxiety disorder occur in children, this condition can also affect teenagers and adults.

What Are the Symptoms of Separation Anxiety Disorder?

As noted above, the hallmark symptom of separation anxiety disorder is an intense fear of being separated from a loved one. Someone with this type of anxiety may:

  • Constantly worry that they’ll get lost or be kidnapped, or that their loved one will become ill or get into an accident
  • Have nightmares about being separated from their loved one
  • Refuse to leave their loved one’s side (children with this anxiety disorder are often reluctant to sleep in their own bed at night)
  • Experience headaches or stomachaches before having to be separated from their loved one

Anxiety Disorder Treatment Near You

Are you concerned that you or your child might have separation anxiety disorder? If so, contact us today. We have experience treating many different types of anxiety, and we would love the opportunity to help you take the next step forward with managing anxiety symptoms.

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