Laser Coaching

Laser Coaching

My research-based coaching model has proven itself to be highly effective at increasing performance. This distinctive and powerful Competence Plus Character model analyzes the person’s strengths, challenges, and levels of performance in the context of their unique situation.

This analysis, coupled with the relationship with the coach, provides a person with a powerful basis to achieve his or her goals, and find meaningful avenues for opportunities and solutions.

Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced work performance
  • Skill clarity and growth
  • Increased ability to operate from your values
  • Awareness of leadership impact
  • Increase your ability to adapt to changes and shifts

Laser Coaching is a 45-50 minute session where we focus on one specific issue, identify the core of it, assess your strengths, leverage them to address the issue, and leave with actionable items to resolve the issue. This can be used as a one time service or as needed.